What services does your translation company offer?

We offer comprehensive translation services of Chinese and English languages.


Clients from all industry sectors work with us on a daily basis.

They are

· Governments agencies including States and Federal governments sectors;

· Legal firms

· Migration agents

· Various courts and tribunals

·  Police Force

· General public  



For official document translation, we provide translation done by NAATI certified translators in line with Australian Government requirements.



 We translate all types of official documents including birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates and passports, and various statements for migration and legal purposes.



We guarantee accuracy, quality and legality of our translation work, and all works are done, checked and reviewed by professional translators before hand in to clients. No works are done by translation Apps such as Google or Outlook translation etc.




· 澳洲各个政府部门, 包括州,联邦政府部门

· 所有的律师事务所

· 移民代理

· 澳洲各级法院,法庭

· 警察局

· 所有需要翻译服务的普通公民


官方需要的文件包括:各类证书,例如: 出生证,死亡证,结婚证,离婚证,护照, 以及提交政府或法院的陈述等等。

我们确保翻译的准确性, 质量和合法性, 所有的翻译在交付之前都是经过专业翻译的检查,复查和认证, 我们杜绝使用电脑软件APP翻译,例如谷歌, 展望等。



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