Proof Reading

Translation Services & Fees

Personal or Standard Documents

§ Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Divorce Certificates, Driver’s Licence etc. $50

§ University, Secondary/primary school certificates, diplomas $80

§ Skill or qualification certificate $80

§ Academic Transcripts start from 80

§ Court rulings, Decree certificates or statement starts from $80

All standard documents can be pickup on spot or the next working day.
Any extra copy of standard document $20 each

Non Standard Documents

Translations estimates/quotes for non- standard documents are based on number of English words.

§ For the first 200 words (or part thereof) $150

§ then per 100 words (or part thereof) $80

Non-standard documents can be picked up the next working day depends on the complexity of the content.
Any extra copy of non standard document $20 each


§ For the first 200 words (or part thereof) $100

§ then per 100 words (of part thereof) $50

Proof reading

§ For the first 200 words (or part thereof) $100

§ then per 100 words (or part thereof) $50

Desktop Publishing

§ On quotation for each individual project.

All standard document translation guaranteed delivery within two days.
Non- standard document translation would adjust according to words and workloads.

$20 urgency fees apply should any translation be delivered by post on the same day.(Excluding picking up by yourself)
NOTE: Fees and charges may change without prior notices

Getting a free and no-obligation quote for your translation is easy. Simply upload your documents through our contact form or send us an e-mail. We will review your files and get back to you with a fixed price immediately.

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